So what's cooking?


Kamilla Johns Real Food makes healthy and delicious ready-meals, breakfasts & snacks! Our food is made from scratch by chefs with the best quality ingredients. It's delicious and foodie, as well as being healthy. We love helping busy people eat better and feel healthier and get better balance in life!

We are taking a short break from delivering our meals and snacks to homes in NSW and ACT as I am heading off on a short sabbatical to London! For all the background on the move click here! When I get back in 1-2 years time, our products will be back too!

While I am away I will continue writing my blog which will include recipes and tips for creating our healthy and delicious real food at home. There will be blog posts on cooking techniques and skills and there will be lots of organisation ideas and product reviews!

I am writing my first cookbook (which I will continue to do from London) and am working on a few other exciting projects - more details to come!

Our food consulting business has recently launched. We provide advice and services to food businesses with products in the market or interested in launching new products, and also consult generally to food businesses operating in the health food space. Our work involves all aspects of product development, food manufacturing, building teams, creating systems specifically required to increase efficiencies, provide tools and support for accurate costings and advice on pricing, packaging, marketing and sales. We help businesses achieve success executing their ideas.

I also provide consulting advice to childcare centres, canteens and preschools, on how to introduce healthy food within budget.

I speak and teach at business and wellness events.

While I am in London I will continue to work with corporates on their wellness programs (I am currently the face of the Staples employee wellness program). I am providing exclusive blogs on healthy food and lifestyle to corporates for staff wellness programs and also for corporates and gyms to use as part of their client marketing strategy.

I'd love to connect with you on Facebook and Instagram or please get in touch by email

Kamilla x.